Relations between Nigeria and Austria have warmed up in the last year. His Excellency, the Vice Chancellor of Austria and Foreign Minister, Dr. Michael Spindelegger let a delegation of businessmen and representatives of the Austrian media to Nigeria from 6-8 June, 2012. The visit was historic, as it presented the first from a high ranking Austrian official, particularly coming at the eve of 50th Anniversary of the formal establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

          The visit of the Austrian Vice Chancellor reinforced the importance of sustaining old investment, especially with regard to the locally produced Austrian textiles that have being facing huge challenges. The impact of the visit went beyond the confines of economic and political imperatives, as it resonated in advancing old socio-cultural ties. The esteemed visitor was a guest of the Sultan of Sokoto and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). Against the backdrop of the security challenges facing the country, the visits provided the opportunity to demonstrate Austria’s passion and commitment to the promotion of global inter-faith dialogue.  

          Consequently, there was remarkable coordination between the two countries in promoting peace and stability in the entire West African sub-region. Austria stepped up its efforts through funding and training of military personnel in humanitarian and emergency relief duties.

          During the visit of the Austrian Vice Chancellor, a Readmission Agreement was signed between Nigeria and Austria in June 2012. The essence of the agreement is to promote capacity building and projects that would help reintegrate Nigerian returnees into the society.

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