Office of the Hounourable Minister of Foreign Affairs

Office of the Honourable Minister of State for Foreign Affairs

Office of the Permanent Secretary

Coordination and Liaison Office

Office of the Legal Adviser

Audit Division

Crisis Monitoring and Public Communication Division

Directorate of Administration and Finance

Department of Planning, Research and Statistics( PRS)

Policy Planning Division

Physical Planning Division

Procurement Division

 Project/Maintenance Unit

Research and Statistics

Information and Communication Technology(ICT) Division

Department of Foreign Service Inspectorate(FSI)

 Finance and Account Department

i. Accounts Division

ii. Budget Division


Posting and Passages Division


Training and Staff Welfare(Units: FSA, Staff Clinic)(Units: FSA, Staff Clinic)

 Transport Section

National Assembly Liaison Office

 Lagos Liaison Office

Directorate of Regions and International Organisations

Department of Regions

Asia and Pacific Division

American and Caribbean Affairs Division

 European Affairs Division

Middle East and Gulf Affairs Division

International Organisations Department

First United Nations Division

Second United Nations

Global Institutions Division

Directorate of African Affairs

African Bilateral Department

East and Central Affairs Division (ECAD)

West African Affairs Division (WAAD)

North and Horn of Africa Division

South African Affairs Division

African Multilateral Affairs

African Union Division (AUD)

African Sub-regional Organisations

 ECOWAS Division

Directorate of Economic and Consular Affairs

Department of Protocol

Privileges and Immunities Division

Accreditation Division

Conference Visiting and Audience Division

Office of State Chief Protocol (State House)

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Protocol Section

Economic Cooperation DivisionEconomic Cooperation Division

Legal Services Division

Consular and Immigration Services Division

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